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JFK Seven days that made a President

There are some days when you can change the world. These are his. 2 His last day on earth still defines him. But there are seven days in the life of JFK that made him who he was. These are the moments that created an icon. For the 50th anniversary of his assassination, in November 2013, this landmark feature documentary for National Geographic will tell the story of one of America's greatest presidents, through the seven separate days that made the man, that drove his presidency, and so changed the fate of the world. There are seven key dates in the life of JFK that made him who he was. The day his Patrol Boat was sunk. The Cuban Missile Crisis. The day he met Marilyn. Dallas. This is a life with the most dramatic turning points imaginable. Each of them speaks to a separate part of his personality, his achievements, and his crises.

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